Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Insanely Awesome Giveaway!

Today is the insanely awesome blog tour giveaway! I love to give stuff away, so let's get right to it.
Here's how you enter for a chance to win the grand prize:
1. Comment on this post or send an email to keiraleabooks [at] gmail [dot] com
2. (Optional) Let me know if I may add your email address to my mailing list
That's it! When you enter, be sure to give me a way to contact you.
The giveaway is open until 9:00 a.m. Central Time on Sunday, July 3. I will announce the winner shortly after that time.

Remember, one blog tour follower will win the grand prize:
But that's not all ... (I've always wanted to use that phrase!) I will draw three more winners out of the hat to receive:
  • Replay ebook
  • US$5 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble
Thank you so much for following my blog tour! I also send a special shout-out to all the book bloggers who hosted my tour! Of course, I have to let Bels at The Bookish Snob Promotions know how much I love her. *mwah*


  1. HUGE smoochies to you Keira! I'm so excited you had fun on the tour and that lots of people got to see how amazing you and Replay are! Good luck to whoever wins this amazing prize... all those books *shivers* It's the perfect prize!

    Bels @ The Bookish Snob

  2. You can add me to your mailing list if I'm not already there :)

  3. That is an awesome giveaway! Your book looks wonderful :)

  4. Hello! :)
    I'm not sure if this is international or not..

    You can add me to the mailing list :)

  5. Hi Keira! I heard about your tour on The Bookish Snob Club. I read all of your interviews and I thought they were really interesting. I can't wait to discover Replay so I hope I'll win this!
    Thanks for the giveaway! And please, add me to your mailing list!
    kanya :)

  6. I would so love to read Replay! Congrats on your publishing... and Yay to Echo coming in the Fall! I'm a YA writer also (Not yet published) but someday!

    So yes, yes! Add me to your mailing list please! I'm now stalking your blog! ;)

  7. What a great give-a-way! I would love to be added to your mailing list as well.

    Thanks, Keira!

    P.S. I LOVE your picture icons to the right. They are so stinkin' cute and I am tempted to steal them. :)

  8. Amazing giveaway! Wow! I've been debating on which of these novels I would buy this giveaway couldn't have been better for me!

    - Jennifer

  9. great give away Keira :) ad me to your email list

  10. This looks like a great giveaway. Please add me to your email list:

    Katherine Owen

  11. It is an insanely awesome giveaway & I thank you for that. Please DO add me to your mailing list.


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  13. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!


  14. I loved the blog tour!! You may add my email to your mailing list.